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Got A Tax Letter? (GATL) specializes in tax planning and resolution. Our team of professionals and CPAs continue to strategically implement methods to maximize tax credits and deductions for our clients wherever possible.

Our Services

Tax Preparation & Planning

We devise a plan to help you legally reduce the amount of your tax liabilities and maximize your after-tax income for the short and long term.

Business Taxes

We help businesses maximize value through proper entity formation and structuring; We also assist in business tax planning, income & payroll taxes,  forensic accounting, etc.

Asset Protection

We structure your personal and business holdings to safeguard them from potential liability. Some of the most common methods include setting up LLCs and asset protection trusts.

Tax Resolution

When a person passes away, his or her estate is subject to a court-supervised probate process. We help guide you through the complicated process of probate and try to avoid it for you.

Estate Taxes

The estate tax team at GATL is ready to help you create a comprehensive entities to safeguard your assets from the cost of healthcare, creditors, and state and federal taxes. 


Experienced tax professionals evaluate your crypto transactions to maximize your profit margins. We can represent you with tax reporting audits, and other related services if necessary.

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How We'll Work Together


Free consultation to assess your specific tax situation. We can put an immediate stop to: wage garnishments, levies, liens, and asset seizures.


A deep dive into your case to compile a thorough breakdown of your tax accounts and determine the best action moving forward.


Our tax professionals will represent you before the IRS and State authorities to resolve your tax problems.


Future tax planning is included with every case. We will help you proactively manage both your personal and business tax profile.

You Ask,
We Answer

If you need guidance on your tax filings, you should take the following steps to hire the best tax advisor as your guide:

  • Require a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN)
  • Ask for an Enrolled Agent designation, legal license, or CPA
  • Search friends in high places
  • Do you a comparative analysis of fees
  • Don’t hire advisors who don’t file electronically with the IRS
  • Ensure they sign the dotted line and not on a blank tax return!
  • Make sure they have your back.

Yes, it is. It can help you prevent a lot of mistakes you would otherwise end up making without a guide. So, consider consulting with a CPA.

There are a few small business costs that your small business tax consultant will guide you on. This ensures you’re capitalizing and lessening your tax bill. This teaches you cost control and improve your business’ financial health over the long term.


A tax consultant specializes in financial counseling and tax law. This polishes them to become market specialists that offer sound advice on a several types of financial aspects, including interest statements, credits, deductions, and filing tax returns on your income. You can even get them to help you clear up your retirement taxes calculation.