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Tax Preparation & Planning Services

Tax Preparation & Planning

On average, our clients see up to 30% savings on their Federal and State taxes.

Our preparation and filling service ensures our client’s tax compliance and results-driven representation in IRS and State Tax Audits. Our accounting service ensures your business stays healthy and scalable by improving your business administration systems, such as internal accounting, sales, office management, etc., to meet your business’s unique needs.

Tax Resolution & Audit Representation

We evaluate your unique financial situation and your tax circumstances to design the best strategy to resolve your back taxes. Some of the most effective tax resolutions include Offer in Compromise (OIC), Installment Agreements, IRS Fresh Start Program, Penalty Abatement, etc. Do not take on the IRS or State by yourself, seek professional help at 1800-290-8160.

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IRS Representation

The IRS has a complicated system of rules and regulations governing reportable and taxable income, deductions, credits, etc. Most states also levy income taxes. Our individual income tax filing service aims to maximize your tax deductions and credits. We also ensure your business files the appropriate returns and abides by all federal and state regulations.

Efficient account and operating procedures ensure the smooth running of your business. Our all-inclusive bookkeeping and accounting services cover all your business tax, planning, and financial needs. These include accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed assets, vendor management, payroll, bookkeeping consulting, and other bookkeeping assistance.

We manage payroll processing and compliance for your business to ensure compliance with all relevant federal, state, and local tax regulations, wage and hour rules, and other applicable requirements. In essence, payroll tax compliance includes calculating wages and overtime accurately, withholding the correct amount of payroll taxes, depositing tax liabilities timely, and filing payroll tax returns. 


"I owed 58k in back taxes with the IRS. Scott Pace was able to get me an offer in compromise and reduced what I owed to under 3000! He was very professional and honest throughout the process. I highly recommend GATL."
Jacqueline H.
"I fell behind on making monthly payments to the IRS and they were threatening to charge a penalty that added tons to my bill. worked with them and fixed my payments."
Sarah C.