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If you need guidance on your tax filings, you should take the following steps to hire the best tax advisor as your guide:

  • Require a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN)
  • Ask for an Enrolled Agent designation, legal license, or CPA
  • Search friends in high places
  • Do you a comparative analysis of fees
  • Don’t hire advisors who don’t file electronically with the IRS
  • Ensure they sign the dotted line and not on a blank tax return!
  • Make sure they have your back.

Yes, it is. It can help you prevent a lot of mistakes you would otherwise end up making without a guide. So, consider consulting with a CPA.

There are a few small business costs that your small business tax consultant will guide you on. This ensures you’re capitalizing and lessening your tax bill. This teaches you cost control and improve your business’ financial health over the long term.


A tax consultant specializes in financial counseling and tax law. This polishes them to become market specialists that offer sound advice on a several types of financial aspects, including interest statements, credits, deductions, and filing tax returns on your income. You can even get them to help you clear up your retirement taxes calculation.

You should ask them:

  • What are the records I should retain?
  • What will help me prepare for tax season?
  • Which business expenses I can deduct?
  • By what time should I pay expected taxes?
  • Any tips on managing my cash flow better?
  • How do I decide what my break-even point is?
  • How will your help grow my company?

Hiring a professional tax advisor will cost you within an average range of $146-457. If you need to control your expenses, you can buy a tax accounting software that’s less costly. Complex tax filings typically require a software that costs under $130, while simple returns can easily be handled by free software.

In a bid to help clients save their money, tax consults guide them on making sound financial choices concerning tax decisions. Business consulting firms in Los Angeles have tax consultants that interview clients to gain information on their current and past financial situations. This helps them develop suitable strategies that capitalize on tax deductions and tax credits to help them reduce their tax debt.